Your quest for the perfect pastry ends right here.

Muffins, cookies and cakes baked in New Jersey since before it was cool.

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Cakes, cookies, and custom
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Take a break from bland. You’ve come to the right spot if you want tasty, just-one-more-bite pastries. Remember the best muffin you ever had? It’s about to meet its match.
The muffin. The perfectly packaged pastry companion for any occasion.

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Brownies & Crumb Cakes
The crumb cake. Dense, slightly chewy, and topped with a scrumptious crumb topping.
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Pound Cakes
Good anytime, anywhere. Light yet subtly substantial and with the perfect hint of moisture.
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The Cookie. Humble yet constant, nothing can replace a good cookie for a moment of unhurried bliss.
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The cupcake. Beautiful outside, delicious inside. Indulge in the perfect cupcake and savor every bite.
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Wholesale meets wholesome.

Whether you’re taking your first delicious bite of the day, or offering flavor to hundreds, we’re ready to fill your order and your mouth with goodness. Businesses, restaurants, events, and individuals find what they’re craving here!

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Quality and Quantity.

Remember the taste of a cookie hot from Grandma’s oven? We work to make every bite taste that good by using only the highest quality ingredients. Nothing artificial, nothing imitation, just passion and love like Grandma.

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Sweet Service.

We’ve made baking a way of life, but our first priority is our community. We’re here if you have any questions, need to customize your order, or just want to chat. Let’s talk!

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Our priority number one is to serve people, not just cake. We’re here for you, whatever you need. Whether it’s a custom order, a question about our products, or just for a chat, we’re available and happy to help. We’re purposely old fashioned like that.

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